Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers | Treatment for drug and alcoholc addiction
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Who We Are


Humble Beginnings was founded by a team of dedicated individuals who have experienced the pain and devastation addiction can cause.  We understand the addict, the family of the addict, and the disease of addiction because we have lived it.  Our goal is to help those who are trapped in their addiction find hope, healing, and the tools they need to create productive, meaningful, drug-free lives.

We believe that from Humble Beginnings can come great change, positivity, and success.


Our substance abuse services combine alternative therapies, traditional psychotherapy, and the 12-step method of addiction recovery in order to provide our clients with the most unique and individualized treatment available. The extensive personal and professional knowledge of our staff members along with their incomparable compassion and dedication make for a treatment experience unlike any other. Our program is also centered around the 12-step method of addiction recovery, which we have found to be an integral part of maintaining long-term sobriety.


We are a dual-diagnosis facility and provide professional mental health care to those who require it. There exists a complex relationship between substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. Sometimes clients will have a difficult time recovering if they have untreated and underlying symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD. It is crucial that all issues, addictions and disorders are treated effectively and concurrently. We have an on-site psychiatrist, available to diagnose all underlying disorders and pharmaceutically treat them when deemed appropriate.


Addiction truly is a family disease – and not merely because the devastation that addiction causes will touch everyone involved. Families of recovering addicts require care and support of their own, in order to heal alongside their loved one while learning to support them in the healthiest and most helpful way possible. We employ family therapy sessions and offer support groups to the families of our clients to help them to further understand the disease of addiction, while simultaneously learning how to best support their loved ones on their personal journeys of recovery.

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