JESSICA KNOWLES - Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers
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clinical outreach director



Jessica Knowles, ICADC is the National Outreach Director of Humble Beginnings LLC. With almost a decade of personal and professional experience in the addiction recovery field, Jessica is passionate about the quality of the work she does and brings her natural sense of intuition and compassion to those seeking help for themselves or a loved one.


Jessica has extensive experience working with people who are faced with substance use disorders and various mental health diagnoses. Jessica began her career in addiction treatment as a Behavioral Manager; supervising, counseling, and teaching relapse prevention skills to a highly-resistant adolescent population. Jessica excelled at the challenge of working with high-risk teens and after two years she was promoted to a Counselor Associate, providing primary individual counseling, group counseling and family counseling to male and female clients in a structured long term residential facility.


In 2010 Jessica began the process of receiving the Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor credential. Within three years of full-time working experience, the completion of 45 courses, 3,000 supervised hours, and 300 hours of individual counseling supervision, Jessica passed both her written and verbal exams in the top 5 percentiles.


In 2013 Jessica was recruited by a highly respected addictions psychologist, and took the opportunity to develop her skills with hands on mentorship working with 18 years and up adult population. After two years of facilitating group counseling, intensive case management, and her development of an alumni program, Jessica’s eagerness to learn, straight-forward demeanor, and sharp critical thinking skills led to her next promotion into the Regional Outreach Coordinator role. The Regional Outreach Coordinator position expanded Jessica’s professional network with countless resources for the addiction recovery community at which time she began to learn more about the work being done at Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers NJ.


Jessica joined the Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers team to work alongside therapists she admires and with whom she has worked with collaboratively, ownership with hearts of gold whom she trusts, and most importantly to serve a population who she is deeply moved to serve. Jessica’s integrity over the years has led to deeply meaningful relationships with agencies, officers, volunteers, clients, and families of which she continues to receive certificates, and letters of recognition for her service to the Recovery Community and Addiction Treatment Field.


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