Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers | JOE LUBOWITZ
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Joseph Lubowitz was brought up in an extremely loving and supportive environment, and never suffered from a lack of guidance or affection. During his senior year of high school, he was granted early acceptance to Penn State University. By senior year of college, Joseph had stopped going to class altogether. He had to withdraw from his last semester, and knew then that he needed to seek help. His once bright future was completely marred by a physical and emotional dependence on drugs and alcohol. He was given the opportunity to attend treatment, and dove into his own personal recovery head first.


Through his journey of self-discovery, Joseph learned that he truly loved helping others. Joseph procured himself a job working for a recovery residence and an intensive outpatient program. He found this job to be extremely fulfilling, and eventually decided to branch out and pursue this profession on a full-time basis. He believes his newfound purpose is to continue moving forward in his own sobriety while helping others in a professional sense. Joseph started Humble Beginnings in hopes that any person seeking help would have the opportunity to receive it. He is extremely caring, passionate, and dedicated to this cause. Joseph’s mission at Humble Beginnings is to provide more resources and information to guide individuals with the tools they need to sustain a long-term recovery.


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