Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers | WILLOW GROVE, PA
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At Humble Beginnings, we whole-heartedly believe that recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction must be just as individualized as the disease itself. For this reason, we have developed a unique clinical program that focuses heavily on the individual process of each unique client. Through a step down system, clients will undergo differing levels of care – ranging from the most intensive to the most flexible. In the primary level of available care, clients will undergo intensive therapeutic sessions on a daily basis, as licensed therapists work to bring deep-seated issues to light. Once a client has completed the first level of care, he or she will gain a larger amount of personal freedom. This slow transition back into independent living has proven absolutely essential to the maintenance of prolonged sobriety. Additionally, we focus largely on co-occurring psychological issues, helping clients learn to cope with disorders ranging from PTSD and depression to eating disorders and anxiety. For more information on our levels of care, please feel free to contact us today.


Partial hospitalization, commonly referred to as PHP, provides clients with an intensive level of care – similar to one they would receive in an inpatient setting. For five days a week, clients will attend numerous therapeutic group, one-on-one, and family sessions. They will work through underlying causes of addiction in a clinical setting, and essentially receive the same care they would at a long-term, residential facility. However, if they so choose, they will return home in the evening – where as in inpatient treatment, clients will sleep in the same monitored residential facility. This level of care is ideal for those who have serious addictive disorders, but cannot necessarily afford inpatient treatment – or for those who have obligations or responsibilities they must take care of on nights and weekends.



Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers between 10 and 12 weekly hours of group and individual therapy. Oftentimes employed as a step down from residential treatment, IOP is an ideal option for those who have outside obligations they simply cannot leave behind for 30 days. Our specific program of IOP focuses largely on uncovering and treating all co-occurring disorders. These disorders may range from psychological issues such as depression or anxiety to unaddressed trauma and PTSD. During IOP, we introduce all of our clients to the 12-step method of addiction recovery, requiring them to actively participate in meetings and stepwork on their own time. If you are looking for a high level of care without an overnight commitment, IOP is likely a viable option.



Our Outpatient Program is less intensive than our IOP, and it is designed for those looking for a little supplemental care before they make the transition into completely independent living. Outpatient treatment typically only takes place two or three days per week, and focuses largely on relapse prevention and life skills, such as occupational guidance, healthy communication, and boundary setting. The length of OP depends heavily on the needs of each individual client.


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