Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers | OUR PROGRAMS
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Our Programs


Our clinical staff has carefully developed a comprehensive addiction treatment program based on years of personal experience and proven methodologies.  We believe in the power of human connection.  We believe that addiction is often rooted in other emotional, mental, relational and social issues, and that these issues must be tackled for a successful recovery to be possible.  Our clinical programs focus on the underlying issues that lead to addiction and teach our clients how to find healthier, alternative ways not only to cope, but to truly live.  We have an experienced clinical team with diverse backgrounds and experience.  All of our clinicians have developed their own unique approach towards providing therapy; our groups are “out-of-the-box” and we never have the same group twice.

Humble Beginnings utilizes “theme weeks” addressing issues such as family dynamics, relapse prevention, shame & guilt, communication, relationships, life skills, body image, impulsivity, grief, self-esteem, mind-body-soul, inner child work, male identity, vulnerability, etc.


If you remain unsure as to which level of care would best suit your needs, we can provide guidance. We utilize a detailed questionnaire and, after admission, a more detailed clinical evaluation to assess where you are and what kind of help you need. Our multi-disciplinary recovery team works to help each addict recover in the least restrictive level of care possible.

  • We use a variety of treatment modalities including

  • • Psychodynamic, experiential-based therapy

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • Family Systems Therapy

    • Trauma Informed Care

    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Mediation and Mindfulness Techniques

    • Outdoor Adventure Therapy

    • Expressive Arts

    • Social Skills Development

    • AA and NA, 12-step Recovery


Which program is right for me?


When deciding which level of care is right for you, it is crucial to take an honest look at your personal history of drug and alcohol abuse. If you have found that it is essentially impossible for you to stop using on your own, and you have been drinking or using heavily for a prolonged period of time, the wisest choice is a higher level of care. Our PHP program is geared towards those who have experienced severe consequences as a result of their drinking and/or drugging, and who are looking for a high level of accountability.


If you remain unsure as to which level of care would best suit your needs, we can provide guidance. We utilize a detailed questionnaire and, after admission, a more detailed clinical evaluation to assess where you are and what kind of help you need. Our multi-disciplinary recovery team works to help each addict recover in the least restrictive level of care possible.

Partial Care Program

offered at our Willow Grove, PA location

Humble Beginnings Partial Care Program, offered at our Willow Grove, PA location, offers an individualized holistic-based experience to people who are just getting started in their recovery process, who have recently completed detox, or who are looking for a more structured environment. Our Partial Care Program offers the structure and quality found in most residential treatment programs.


While in the Partial Care program, clients will attend group and individual therapy sessions geared towards uncovering, and addressing the underlying causes of their addiction. Clients will also participate in a variety of recovery-based experiential activities that will help them form a solid foundation for their overall recovery process.  We want our clients to learn to have fun in recovery and have designed our PC program to include group outings and access to a strong sober support network.


Our Partial Care program includes a strong family component.   Families are highly encouraged to be involved in their loved ones’ recovery process. We provide education on addiction, and help family members work on setting boundaries and establishing healthy relationship patterns, and on re-establishing trust. We understand the impact addiction can have on everyone involved and focus on helping to repair bonds and strengthen the entire family unit.


The Partial Care phase of treatment is designed to help clients stabilize physically, mentally, and emotionally so they are equipped to begin the Intensive Outpatient Program with the greatest chance of success.

Intensive Outpatient Program

offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ and Willow Grove, PA locations

Once a client has been clinically approved to transition into Intensive Outpatient, he or she will begin attending less days of weekly therapy, for fewer hours each day. While PHP and more intensive levels of care take up between 30 to 40 hours per week; clients in IOP attend a maximum of 15 hours to a minimum 9 hours of group therapy mixed with individual sessions. Groups focus on pertinent topics like relapse prevention, healthy relationship building, proper communication techniques, and the importance of developing future plans and goals. Individual therapy sessions focus on addressing clients underlying issues that continue to affect their everyday life. Humble Beginnings offers 3 hour therapy groups Monday through Friday in the afternoons and evenings in order to accommodate the varying schedules of our clients. Humble Beginnings IOP Program ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, depending upon the needs of each client determined through an individualized clinical evaluation.


At this phase in our recovery program, clients will also be expected to begin job searching, as well as maintaining daily involvement in a 12-step program of their choosing. Group therapy sessions will revolve more around relapse prevention and the real-life application of coping mechanisms. Individual therapy sessions will continue throughout this phase. Similar to the PHP program, Humble Beginnings recommends client’s to reside in structured sober living homes, while attending the IOP program.


offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ location

Humble Beginnings’ Outpatient Program is the final stage in the continuum of care offered. Our Outpatient Program consists of individual and group therapy aimed at relapse prevention and life skills development. Clients in our Outpatient Program also have the opportunity to participate in our Transitional Recovery Track. We recommend clients remain in Outpatient treatment for as long as they need the extra support in their early recovery.

Transitional Recovery Track


All of our clients have the opportunity to participate in our transitional recovery track, which helps them re-start their lives beyond treatment walls.  The program includes help with job searching and interviewing, volunteer work, and assistance with admission to school or vocational programs.  Clients also receive individualized case management services and aftercare planning is individually tailored for each client’s needs.  Out goal is to provide support and guide our clients in the transition to a successful and sober life.


Alumni Program


Our Partial Care program has a strong Alumni Association in which clients can continue to participate after they complete treatment, in order to remain connected to a positive sober support network.    Alumni can participate in weekly meetings and community events, and have the opportunity to participate in weekly Alumni Speaker Groups with our current clients.  

Want to see more? Download a copy of our brochure.