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Partial Hospitalization Program

Humble Beginnings Partial Care Program offers an individualized holistic based experience to those who currently struggle with addiction. The PHP program averages from 4-6 weeks in length; specific length of stay is determined by client’s needs and progress in treatment. The Program consists of group therapy held 6 hours per day, mixed with individual therapy sessions. The PHP Program runs six days per week Monday-Saturday – totaling 36 hours of therapeutic care per week.


While in PHP, our client’s attend group and individual therapy sessions geared towards uncovering and addressing underlying causes of addiction (Example: Self Esteem, Anxiety, Interpersonal Relationship Issues, History of Abuse and Other Incidences of Trauma) by using Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness based therapeutic techniques. We strongly encourage family members to stay involved in the recovery process of their loved one, and offer family therapy sessions. In addition to therapeutic services clients also receive individualized case management services and participate in a variety of recovery based experiential activities.


As the PHP program is designed for individuals in the earlies stages of their recovery, Humble Beginnings recommends client’s to reside in structured sober living homes, while attending the PHP program. We recommend structured sober living because Humble Beginnings focuses on comprehensively supporting clients maintain sobriety through the early period of their recovery, when people who struggle with addiction are most vulnerable to relapse. Humble Beginnings holds strong relationships with a variety of structured sober living homes in the area that support clients who are enrolled in intensive treatment.


One of the many aspects that truly sets us apart from the rest is the careful attention we pay to the personalized needs of each individual client. If a client feels as if he or she is not ready to move on from our most intensive level of care, we will extend his or her time in PHP. Of course, our goal is to keep each client moving towards completely independent, drug-free living at a steady and reasonable pace.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Once a client has been clinically approved to transition into Intensive Outpatient, he or she will begin attending less days of weekly therapy, for fewer hours each day. While PHP and more intensive levels of care take up between 30 to 40 hours per week; clients in IOP attend a maximum of 15 hours to a minimum 9 hours of group therapy mixed with individual sessions. Groups focus on pertinent topics like relapse prevention, healthy relationship building, proper communication techniques, and the importance of developing future plans and goals. Individual therapy sessions focus on addressing clients underlying issues that continue to affect their everyday life. Humble Beginnings offers 3 hour therapy groups Monday through Friday in the afternoons and evenings in order to accommodate the varying schedules of our clients. Humble Beginnings IOP Program ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, depending upon the needs of each client determined through an individualized clinical evaluation.


At this phase in our recovery program, clients will also be expected to begin job searching, as well as maintaining daily involvement in a 12-step program of their choosing. Group therapy sessions will revolve more around relapse prevention and the real-life application of coping mechanisms. Individual therapy sessions will continue throughout this phase. Similar to the PHP program, Humble Beginnings recommends client’s to reside in structured sober living homes, while attending the IOP program.


The final level of care that Humble Beginnings offers is Outpatient Treatment, commonly referred to as OP. Our OP program consists of one individual and one group session, totaling 4 hours of therapeutic service per week. Clients can remain in Outpatient treatment for as long as they need the extra support in their early recovery. Humble Beginnings typically recommends clients who have completed the IOP Program to remain in Outpatient treatment for a minimum of 4 weeks before leaving treatment all together.


Seeing as this is the final phase of treatment, clients have the opportunity to relate their experiences in the outside world to their peers and therapists, and will work through potentially uncomfortable emotions and circumstances in a safe and supportive environment. Clients will also be given further assistance in developing pertinent life skills, such as those relating to healthy communication and maintaining a job. Clients will continue to meet one-on-one with their personal therapist, and an aftercare plan will be carefully developed by members of the clinical team.


When deciding which level of care is right for you, it is crucial that you take an honest look at your personal history of drug and alcohol abuse. If you have found that stopping on your own accord is essentially impossible, and if you have been drinking or using heavily for a prolonged period of time, looking into a higher level of care is wise. Our PHP program is geared towards those who have experienced severe consequences as a result of their drinking and drugging, and who are looking for a high level of accountability. If you remain unsure as to which level of care would best suit your specific needs, not to worry – we provide each of our potential clients with a detailed questionnaire upon their admission. Once a client has been admitted, he or she will receive a more detailed clinical evaluation, and an appropriate shift in treatment will occur if necessary. Our multi-disciplinary recovery team works to help each addict recover in the least restrictive level of care possible.

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