Humble Beginnings Recovery Centers | Ryan McGuckin
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Ryan McGuckin

Ryan McGuckin



Ryan considers himself a lifelong student to the counseling profession.  His original career aspiration was to become a high school history teacher, however when he sought counseling services to help work through his own struggles as a young adult, he knew eventually he would become a primary therapist.  As his first step in that direction he earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Fisher College in Boston, MA.  For several years following he worked various jobs in the field as a psychiatric technician, case manager, crisis worker, and admissions counselor/ utilization review coordinator.  It was during that time that he attended Messiah College’s graduate school and earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  He recently earned a preliminary license as a Licensed Associate Counselor in the state of New Jersey, and is working under supervision to obtain full licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor.


One of his primary focuses during treatment is to bring together the “seen” with the “unseen,” and help clients create meaning from their struggles.  Studying Existential Humanistic Therapy in graduate school helped him see the value of true empathy and in recognizing the potential in every client he has the privilege of working with.


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